Why Leaders Should Not Drive With Their Eyes Closed – Part Two

By Nkem Mpamah

In the first part of this series I tried to clarify the very frequently misunderstood concepts Mission, Vision and Values statements and explained why leaders should promote these regularly in their business routine. In Part two, I’ll look at the relationship between having a clear vision and business profitability.

How Can a Clear Vision Lead to Increase in Profitability?

You may be wondering how having a clear compelling vision would increase productivity and profits in your business. Well, as I said in Part 1, vision is the inspiring picture of what you and everyone else in your organization is working so hard to accomplish together. It is the reason you go to work every day, the impact you want to make to your customers and the world.

Many businesses struggle because they lack clear vision, and those that have it fall down completely when it comes to what they do with it. True vision reflects the products and services you want to create for your customers. It defines the benefits you and your business will be remembered for, and also the strategies and various ways you can go about creating them.

Develop a “Shared vision”

For your vision to be truly effective, it has to be shared with your people. Visions are shared when the ideas are clearly and consistently communicated for everyone to see and understand. The reason many leaders do not make significant positive impact in their organizations is because no one else sees the vision they see, and when no one understands where you’re going, they will be unwilling to follow you.

Shared vision energizes teams and employees to perform with more enthusiasm and coordination. Nothing grows an organization faster than having inspired employees and teams who are moving in one coordinated direction to achieve common goals. This movement occurs only when leaders help their followers to see their own individual future in the mission, vision, and values of the organizations they work for.

No matter how clearly and compelling your vision may be, if you do not over-communicate it to your world, it will never be achieved. Shared vision brings focus and holds the people accountable. It gives a sense of security and direction to employees who believe that their own future are fulfilled when they accomplish their company’s objectives.

So reminding employees and teams regularly about the future of your organization (the Vision); where you are going will keep them constantly motivated to press on with you. You can achieve this by sending monthly email broadcasts, newsletters, or posting them on your websites; notice boards, or as screen savers on your company’s laptops and desktops.

Nkem Mpamah is CEO and Founder of Cognition Global Concepts, Cambridge. He specializes in creating sustainable business transformations based on a cognitive approach. Nkem helps leaders and teams to work in alignment with their corporate objectives to increase performance, double productivity, and achieve extra-ordinary results.

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