Using a Business Blog to Beat the Panda Updates

As you probably know, Google Panda updates have been wreaking havoc with all those that have blogs on the net. Anyone that does blogging regularly (literally millions of people) needs to take this very seriously. So in regard to Panda, and the many updates, you have to pay close attention, especially if you have not been monitoring your blogs or your rankings as of late. The fact is that you can do quite a bit to take care of this problem. There is relief in sight! Just become familiar with what you need to do and remember that none of it is that hard at all. To make sure that your blogging efforts are profitable, we are providing you with a few tips to help you out.

Most people had some difficulties with the big Panda update. This is why providing great content for your readers is absolutely necessary. Your readers will be your niche audience, and they are what makes your business possible and profitable. It’s not about SEO any more – you need to provide quality content for your subscribers every day. It’s all about the content. If you need to, later, you can make your content more SEO friendly at another time. Your content should always remain readable, even if you want to make it more SEO friendly. That is the very best way to keep people reading and never be accused, by Google, of writing spammy SEO pages, etc.

Set up a weekly schedule and allocate time for your blogging duties. Those tasks are directly related to the success of your business, so be realistic about how much time you need. Think about how long it will take to write new posts, answer any reader comments and get your marketing done. These tasks will take up your time on most days. Work out a schedule every day to work on these things and they’ll quickly become a habit. If you have more than one niche blog as a business, then you can see how the time will add up.

You’ll find that every field has some news coming out every day. One very cool way to get hands free news is to use Google Alerts. You have tons of keywords in your niche, like all niches, and you can create hundreds of Alerts through Google. You’ll never run out of content for your blog if you think about it. Just make sure the content fits with the categories on your site and is pertinent. Irrelevant content could result in your site being penalized. Be careful, but this approach should still give you some great ideas for posts. So if you want to have a website online that generates money, a business blog is a great place to start. You might want to advance to something like PHP later on, but most people like to stick with a blog once they get going. It is important that you learn how to make your blog powerful and effective in order to find online success.

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