US Previously Owned Homes Data Up and Oil Prices Looking To Rise Nov 19th

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US previously owned homes data will be good today as the US markets should have a positive day even though the week is short. Signal Coyote takes a look at what else you can expect today from the European and US markets. Plus an extra look at what Oil prices might do today, if talks break down in the Middle East.

Yesterday, president Obama seemed very confident that a deal will be stuck with congress on a new budget for 2013 by saying this in Bangkok, “I am confident we can get our fiscal situation dealt with.” With this great optimism that the president showed yesterday, we have seen a rise in the futures markets over night. In Europe we have seen the major indices rise in overnight trading and in the opening of their markets. One, thing to watch for in Europe today might be HSBC which is in talks to sell its stake in Ping An Insurance Co.

In overnight trading in the US we saw the S&P500 gained almost 0.9 percent and most major Asian indices overnight on optimism out of the United States that a deal could be stuck to avoid a crisis in 2013.

Today, in the US markets we are 99.9 percent sure that a scheduled U.S. economic report that will show sales of previously owned houses in October near a two-year high this according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg. With this news and the extreme optimism that the US President and Congress are showing and the housing news we expect the US indices will rise in early trading today. This continued wonderful news out of the United States could make for a great Binary Options Trade in the early market hours today. Remember, that this week is a short week because of the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday.

In Commodities trading today we can expect all Binary Options traders to make sure they are looking at Oil. The Israeli Government has given Hamas 72 hours to meet its demands on a cease fire agreement. So far we have seen 71 Palestinians Die and 3 Israelis in fighting over the last 5 days. Over 1000+ rockets have been fired into Israel so far by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. With continued conflict between both sides you can expect that the world’s Oil markets will be rising. This present’s what last week Signal Coyote Binary Options Signals told you would be a great long term trade. If, Israel does invade the Gaza Strip you can almost guarantee that Oil prices will rise and rise quickly.

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