The Xikar Xi2 Provides The Perfect Cut

Perfectly enjoy cigar smoking using a xikar xi2 cutter. Bring your cigar smoking experience to a whole new level with this top choice cigar cutter. An efficient cigar cutter should enable the smoker in making a quick and precise cut. Xikar offers exactly this benefit with their extensive line of cigar cutters. The products of this company are known globally for their boldness, beautiful engineering, and masculinity. Only cigar cutters this sophisticated represent elegance, high taste, and refined choice.

The xi cutter series is the leading one in the market of non-disposable cutters. We will be revealing the features of the xikar xi2 cigar cutter with this product review plus helping you understand why buying this cutter is quite a smart idea.

Many colors to select from

The product is available in a number of metallic colors that range from bloodstone red, granite silver, lapis blue, malachite green, pearl white and noir black. Depending on your mood and style, select one or more of the colours that suit you. They also include patterns such as carbon fiber and mesh that cigar aficionados will find very pleasing.

The sharpest blade for your cigars

This latest product from Xikar is armed with 440 stainless steel blades which were hardened to attain a Rockwell C rating of 56. These blades are buffed to supply them with super razor sharpness.

Whether you smoke cigars starting with a gauge size of 54 rings all the way up to 58 rings, this product is effective at giving an even cut. Hence, you are able to cut a variety of cigars with this xi2 series product.

High performance and quality materials

The xikar xi2 cutter is a blend of ergonomics and high power. The body is made from ultra-strong nylon fiberglass composite but is very lightweight (2.9 ounces). Moreover, the shape of the cutter is replicated to that of a teardrop, which makes it very convenient to hold and use. When using it to make the best cut, the product won’t slip out of your hands. Even if you’re using a cutter for the first time, you’ll have no problem using it effectively because of the impressive grip of this product.

The spring loaded double guillotine movement allows it to deliver a really precise and even cuts. You can easily handle and store the cutter in the pocket as a result of the two blades being well set inside the case.

Its button release mechanism enables you to experience simple use. All you are required to do to cut your cigar is press the button that opens its stainless steel blades instantly and it is ready to use.

Made to last really long

The razor sharp blades won’t rust or dull even after being used repeatedly. The body is incredibly solid and can endure manhandling. Closing the cutter and safely keeping it inside your pocket has never been easier as a result of its locking mechanism.


Buy the product and you will be marveled at how amazing the xikar xi2 is in delivering what it promises to do. The Cigar Aficionado Magazine has given it the title of providing the perfect cut. Every purchase from Xikar comes equipped with a lifetime warranty.

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