The Worlds Best Tax Havens

By Jason Russell

A Tax Guide by Lee Hadnum

This book is “gold” for someone desiring to learn about how Tax Havens work, which ones exist and what the benefits of each Tax Haven are. This will enable you to start Tax Planning prior to engaging an expert in this field. This is the genre of information you need to know before you contact a Tax Expert or Tax Professional to save you on consulting time and to enable you to ask the right questions. This book is updated annually allowing for the changes to UK taxation law after each Budget announcement.

The first component of this book evaluates how Tax Havens can assist you and some of the caveats that enhance it like the tax laws in your country of residence and how that affects your tax position with respect to a particular tax haven. The book is primarily written for a British audience but will be interesting to all nationalities as 25 of the top tax havens in the world are addressed alongside the appealing tax breaks of that particular jurisdiction and other useful information like how one works at acquiring residency there, the cost of living and cost of real estate in those locations.

The language used in the tax guide is simple and pitched at the layman. There is no escaping the use of technical terms when discussing taxation but this is made easier to understand through the consistent use of simple examples.

The second aspect of the tax guide checkouts how large corporations and the Rich use tax havens. The reader will learn in this part the uses of off-shore companies, off shore trusts and off shore foundations in eliminating or reducing tax, protecting assets and maintaining anonymity. This information would have once cost you tens of thousands in consulting fees to access but is now compiled here for a small fraction of that cost. Large Corporations use a myriad of different corporate tax avoidance schemes and the more popular ones are covered here. Interestingly, you do not have to belong to a large organistation to use these methods.

Some of the “nuggets” of information contained within this book are how to avoid the “Big Four Taxes” of Income tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Death tax, the identity of two sun soaked Mediterranean low tax jurisdictions that tax UK pensions at only 5 % and 15 % respectively, how to legally avoid the European Savings Tax Directive, how offshore companies can assist you in creating a successful tax free business, how foundations can preserve your privacy and much more.

The author, Jason Russell is a consultant from The Tax Experts, a UK company that deals primarily in UK tax avoidance schemes and tax planning. The Tax Experts prove to clients on a daily basis that tax in the UK is truly optional. For more information about how you can create and preserve your wealth, please visit The Tax Experts

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