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The Personal Finance Industry Scam (with Helaine Olen)The Personal Finance Industry Scam (with Helaine Olen)
Pound Foolish, author Helaine Olen explained her background as a personal finance writer, how the personal finance industry got started, the story of 401ks, …

Personal Finance – Yahoo Finance
We answer readers' questions on how best to talk to your aging parents about their finances and how much you should budget for housing after college. Many people fret over their finances, but few take action. Here's what you should be doing to work toward financial security.

personal-finance-4708907Personal Finance
from Saina33, 3 years ago in Business & Mgmt

cut the cardcut the card

Level raises $5M to break personal finance down to the basics
VentureBeat, on Thu, 10 Oct 2013 08:36:54 -0700
“We need a totally new approach to finance that's mobile-first, simple, and completely effortless. Budgeting is dead, and that's why we've taken the 'quantified self' approach; instead of applying the technology to personal fitness, we're applying it

Lawmaker: Personal finance instruction will lead to better choices
When Mitch Ruttenberg teaches economics at Trevor G. Browne High School, he ends each semester with lessons on credit cards, taxes, budgeting and other aspects of personal finance. “It's last thing they get from me 

Personal Financial Literacy
Joan Ryan, published 2011, 448 pages

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