How Can You Retain Your Customers with Outbound Telemarketing

How Can You Retain Your Customers with Outbound Telemarketing


    In the present-day’s globalized world of telemarketing solutions, customer retention is the general mantra. A lot of companies retain customers through an outstanding customer service and that is by an outbound telemarketing services. Due to outbound telemarketing services, companies could fulfill their customer’s distinct and various needs. Remember; the most efficient retention solution is by proficiently serving your customers.

    The telephone is a worldwide powerful business device. Small industries and large corporations definitely benefited from this tool and use it for their progress and improvement. The process of advertising products or presenting a technical help to present and probable customers over the telephone is called as telemarketing. Telemarketing is a technique of direct marketing in which a telemarketing representative communicates with possible customers to purchase products or services of a certain company over the telephone or a face to face conference during the call. Generally, there are two kinds of telemarketing; the inbound and outbound. Both are advantageous to any business. However, we will set focus on the advantages of the outbound telemarketing.


    Outbound telemarketing can permit you to formulate targeted sales calls, schedule appointments, handle and retain existing customers, or achieve leads. It can build companies’ sales pipelines. Outbound telemarketing will grant your company personalized services directly from you to your clients and this will result into happy and satisfied customers. Telemarketing can be made from an office, a call center or even at home. Telemarketing system is also applied by other means of electronic marketing via email and fax messages. But these procedures are ineffective, since most individuals or receivers consider these as a spam. Therefore, outbound telemarketing is more effective than other methods.

    Companies employ telemarketing methods to survey the potential and previous customers of a client’s business to evaluate market acceptance or contentment of specific brands, goods and services.

    Outbound telemarketing will surely help you stay ahead of your competitors.  Initiating the calls to discover potential clients, answering customers’ queries personally rather than using voicemail, getting the sales order or arranging an appointment the moment your customer has a need will absolutely retain your costumers.  Nowadays, doing a little extra effort to find and retain your customers is a must. Outbound telemarketing will construct revenue growth in your company and it is your collaborator to achieve business goals and obtain success. Also, telemarketing engages lesser overhead costs than taking up an outside sales force, saving small businesses a significant amount of money. Outbound telemarketing will let you expand your business by selling to customers in other sales areas, perhaps locally and internationally.

    By offering a personalized service to your customers will maintain their faith and adherence to your goods and services. Outbound telemarketing will help you collect useful information and feedbacks from your beloved clients regarding your products and services. Outbound telemarketing will give your customers a guide and medium for queries and complaints and gives you a chance to directly deal with an unsatisfied client right before they put a closure to your association due to unknown and irrational reasons. Time and again, communicating with your customers beforehand give them an opportunity to criticize and permits you to deal with the latent problems earlier. Outbound telemarketing will give you an opportunity to fix problems with your costumers.

    Recent reliable studies pointed out that an arrangement of direct marketing and outbound telemarketing will enormously generate positive impact to your company.  Outbound telemarketing is effective by 5 to 10 times higher than the traditional email and fax messages.

    An individual who performs outbound telemarketing are called as outbound telemarketers or representatives. Outbound telemarketing representatives make the first move to call the customers. These outbound telemarketing representatives are trained individuals who are fluent speakers of the English language. They are individuals with strong computer skills, excellent verbal and written communications skills, outstanding interpersonal skills and proven positive attitude, has the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment and customer-focused.

    Outbound telemarketers must be patient enough to transact with a wide array of customers and must have the ability to handle complaints and other issues with grace. Some customers will handle a telemarketing call professionally; on the other hand, there are a few numbers of customers which are annoyed or even aggressive. Outbound telemarketers should be knowledgeable to work through these unpredictable situations.

    Indeed, employing an outbound telemarketing for your business will enhance customer satisfaction and can have a significant effect on the profitability of your business. In the end, it will let you increase company’s revenue and bring success to your business.

Some information in this article is obtained from Belinda Summers. She has worked as a Business Development Consultant for many years. She assists businesses to progress and make the most of their marketing campaigns by offering helpful pieces of advice. She believes that outbound telemarketing services from would have a positive impact on your company.

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