Here’s How to Close the Deal on Your Services Sales

Closing in a sale for your services is something that takes both time and effort, especially if you’re starting out. If you own and run a service based business on the Internet it is important to look beyond the traditional tenets of IM and and employ both on and offline marketing methods to get the results you desire. Your sales process is only going to succeed after you’ve mastered the fundamentals of foundation building and know where you want to take your business. Here are a few easy to remember points that will help you close in the sale more quickly and easily…

Be Nice to the Competition: There is exactly zero doubt that you’ll have to deal with competition no matter what your target market may be. However, don’t lower yourself to saying bad things about your competitors when you’re trying to close your sale because that kind of thing just makes you look really bad. Rather, point out the strengths of your competitors to your potential clients and then offer proof about how well you outshine them. This way, you will have achieved your purpose without really making your competition look like the villain. Using a positive tone when you talk to your leads ups your chances of having them take the action you want them to take.

Begin with the End in Mind: Every step that you take toward turning a lead into a sale needs to be focused and you should always have your main goal in mind.

This helps you give yourself an extra push so that you can steer yourself clearly in the right direction with a good focus on your end goals so that you can get over initial problems. When you interact with your clients you need to keep reminding yourself that your primary goal is to keep moving in a single direction. If you don’t know where you’re going, you might unknowingly take the client away from the sale, rather getting him/her close to it.

Give and Receive: When you’re interacting with your client, you should practice the give and receive rule; whether your client asks for more information, a demonstration of your service or a sample, you should be ready to give them what they want. However, you shouldn’t just stop at giving because in the sales world, when you give, you ask something back. For example, if a client wants you to provide a free sample of your service, get the client to commit to a sale if he likes the sample that you provide. So, in terms of the sales cycle, giving as well as receiving are equally important.

No matter what you’re selling online whether it is designing websites or consulting on SEO, if you want your business to grow steadily and over time, you need to have a regular influx of clients. The tips in this article aren’t all there is to closing sales but they can help you get started on that goal. Taking action is important, but what’s even more important is taking timely action – so don’t let opportunities slip out of your fingers.

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