Facebook Custom Apps

By Mike Zupp

One necessary feature of a Facebook business page is custom apps. These custom apps are evidenced by little icons situated on the right hand side of your timeline beneath your cover photo They can be used for advertising purposes by redirecting fans to your promotions when they click on them.

Custom tabs, also known as “Facebook Apps”, can help increase interaction with your fan base, thus helping to turn them into paying clients. They can also be used as landing pages for your web page or squeeze page, all while helping you build your brand.

One clear advantage of building them is that they aid in keeping your fans inside Facebook, where they want to be. This improves your conversion ratio of visitors into fans and fans into paying customers-all because you kept them inside Facebook-where they want to be. There are several ways of adding and customizing custom tabs to your Facebook page. One way is to use the Static HTML/iFrame, which will be discussed next.

First of all, search for the “static HTML:iFrame tab” in the Facebook search bar. Then you’ll be redirected to that page and you will see a question asking you would like to add a tab to your Facebook fan page. Click where it says “add Static HTML to a page” and then confirm. If you have several fan pages, merely select the one that you want to add the custom tab to.

Secondly, customize your tab. Start by renaming the tab and changing the icon image. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the thumbnail and select “edit settings”. Now you can rename your custom app and save your changes.. If you would like to replace the thumbnail image, click “change”, then upload your new image. The optimal thumbnail size is 111 x 74 pixels. Your custom app is quite small, thus you need to make this picture stand out. Make sure you select an image with bright colors to use as your thumbnail and don’t forget to add a call to action.

Once you’re done editing the icon, you can now insert the content. Merely click on your new custom app and you’ll be sent over to the editor page. You will be provided several options on how you can add the content, the most common being through HTML. Other choices for adding content are by dragging and dropping, via the use of images and through your website.

The method you choose for adding your content all depends on what kind it is. After uploading your content, your tab is ready to go. Remember, you can add as many of these custom apps as you would like: just go to the app editor page to do so.

Customs tabs are considered to be the icing on your cake, as they bring your Facebook business page to a whole new level. Notwithstanding, you can increase fan creation and engagement further still by using these Facebook custom tabs to host contests and/or raffles.

Finally, in order to keep your conversion rate of visitors to fans (and eventually clients) high, you need to keep your traffic inside your Facebook fan page: creating Facebook custom tabs is the best means of achieving this goal.

For more information about building a Facebook template, check out the Social App Tool. I’m sure you’ll find it useful!

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