Ethan Allen

1)  Globalization has given us an opportunity to communicate and learn about other countries.  Impoverished countries are able to see what other places are like through the Internet and television.  This has caused a demand and desire for these countries to do better.  Kathwari is correct in his suggestion that globalization has created a smaller world.  My brother was in Thailand recently.  We were able to communicate with cell phones, email, and video chat as if he were still in Los Angeles.  That is world changing.

2)  Ethan Allen is able to save tremendous money in transportation costs by locating manufacturing facilities near the resources.  Other countries have begun importing raw materials because their resources have been stripped.  The renewable wood forests in the United States will be a source of advantage for Ethan Allen.  It is a disadvantage if tastes change to a different material such as bamboo.

3)  Kathwari thinks that international standards should be adhered to for the benefit of mankind.  By helping everyone, we are preventing global conflicts.  That is sound logic.  A starving nation is not concerned about getting along:  it is concerned with survival.  As nations improve their working conditions, there is a better incentive to get along with other nations.  This responsibility falls upon economies and nations that tend to benefit from impoverished nations.  Raising the standards for everyone also puts interests in common.  For example, the illegal immigration from Mexico could be dealt with by making Mexico a better place to work than it is now.  A moral conscious by consumers will ultimately be the true driver.  If price is the only consideration for purchases, then there is an incentive to violate the developed standards.

4)  The United States has suffered some growing pains because of globalization.  Yet, each family has a better standard of living because of the importing of inexpensively manufactured goods.  Walmart saves families billions of dollars each year.  The savings can be spent elsewhere or saved.  Unionized manufacturing operations have suffered.  An auto worker that earns $ 150,000 in compensation each year cannot find similar income elsewhere.  They lose out when plants are closed.  Manufacturing companies have not been nimble enough to survive some of the evolutions that globalization has introduced.

Ethan Allen furniture is high quality.  That is the reason to purchase it.  For example, their cherry wood furniture is solid cherry not cherry veneer.  Imported furniture is cheaper quality.  People that are purchasing high-end furniture are already paying a high price.


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