An Exclusive Look At The Ronson Jetlite Lighter

By Janice Stone

A simple sturdy lighter with an elegant design is the very first thing that comes across your mind if you see a Ronson Jetlite lighter. Making it all the more enticing is the fact that it is very inexpensive, provided that it ranges in price from $3-$8. We all know that each cigar aficionado deserves a top notch sturdy butane lighter. Look no further I dare say as the solution to this lies in the Ronson Jetlite lighter.


Compared to other more sophisticated lighters, the design of the Ronson Jetlite lighter is quite unique. With its classic fuel lighter like flip top, the lighter does not boast of having the top end elegant design but that does not in any way affect its functionality. Its exterior is made of a copper body with metal surface coating. And on top of all that, being that it is so inexpensive makes it an incredibly convenient lighter to have. I mean, you are able to even find it available in almost any Wal-Mart store!


The lighter is quite reliable in its functionality considering the fact that it produces that sharp blue clean flame that’s characteristic of many butane lighters. It uses butane and offers the added advantage that its able to be refilled, as previously mentioned. With every one of the factors mentioned, this just goes to indicate that this lighter is in a class of its own, all while providing an exceptional user experience.

Whether you might be sailing, or playing golf in a high wind environment, you can be certain it’ll produce a flame since its windproof. This form of service is what customers seek in a high-quality lighter. It continually delivers with minimal instances of inconsistencies that characterize many butane lighters. This is particularly so with its flame adjustment whereby, the lighter has the selection of medium flame and high flame range depending on the individual’s preference.

Therefore, while trying to find good value for your money, for longevity in service, for consistency and reliability, for a lighter that offers only the best in its service, one need to look no further than the Ronson Jetlite lighter. The lighter offers an experience second to none, whether you are a cigar or even a pipe user. Furthermore, by purchasing this lighter, one is extended a year long warranty so that in the rare event of inconsistencies in performance one can send it to the manufacturer for replacement.

The lighter is extremely comfortable to carry and weighty given that one could say the lighter is made like a tank. Given that it has some weight to it, it tends to make it very easy to carry in the pocket comfortably without it sticking out like a sore thumb. Therefore, while choosing a lighter, why not settle for one that is sturdy, long lasting, convenient to utilise and readily accessible in the marketplace.

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